MEDLiE - Media Literacy and Education research group

MEDLiE - Media Literacy and Education research group

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There is little doubt that technological and media-related developments 'do something to us', but the research in this field is incomplete. We do know that social and digital media have grown to be very important in children's and young people’s everyday life, schooling and learning. There has also been done a lot of research on what children and young people are using media for and how much they use different media. But we know less about how media development, media use and social practice through media impact children and youth and their learning and socialization processes.

The thematic focus of the MEDLiE group is 'to study learning processes related to teaching and learning through and under the influence of media, and growing up in the media society'. We explore issues related to learning and 'bildung' in the area between media developments, school and professional life and everyday culture. MEDLiE puts a special spotlight on the challenges and opportunities that are brought about by media and technology development and media use and through this - new social practices, ways to learn and participate in society.

We aim to:

  • increase the knowledge of how young people create meaning, learn and master life in the 'mediatized' culture, i.e. a culture that is characterized by media and media use, globalization and multiculturalism
  • develop a deeper understanding on how schools and educational institutions can contribute in educating future citizens who master their own lives and participate constructively in tomorrow’s democracy
  • strengthen the focus on a broad perspective on the types of competences and knowledge required for coping and participation in the media culture