Non-pharmacological treatment of sleep problems in primary care

Non-pharmacological treatment of sleep problems in primary care

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Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in the general population and in clinical practice. Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is considered most effective for long-term alleviation of chronic insomnia, but its availability to patients is limited. Therefore, the Norwegian Health Directorate developed a group-delivered treatment based on core CBT-I principles. This study investigates the effectiveness of group-delivered CBT-I on insomnia severity among adults with insomnia symptoms. 

The study is conducted as a pragmatic, multicentre randomized controlled trial in the Norwegian primary care. 26 public, interdisciplinary primary care centers are participating in the data collection (see map). The group-delivered CBT-I treatment investigated in this study is an existing treatment option for adults with insomnia symptoms. Participants receiving group-delivered CBT-I (intervention group) are compared with those on a waiting list (control group) to investigate whether the intervention reduces insomnia severity. 315 participants are included in the trial.

There are six measurement timepoints in the study:  

  1. T1: baseline measurements after randomization and prior to intervention start 

  1. T2: immediately post-intervention (4-5 weeks after T1) 

  1. T3: 3 months post-intervention (primary outcome measurement) 

  1. T4: 6 months post-intervention 

  1. T5: 1-year post-intervention (registry data only) 

  1. T6: 2 years post-intervention (registry data only)  

Data collection is due to be completed in December 2023. This page will be updated with study results after analysis and publication. 


Trial resources:  

  • Study protocol: Hrozanova, M., Meisingset, I., Kallestad, H., Pallesen, S., Nordstoga, A. L., & Skarpsno, E. S. (2023). Group-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy versus waiting list in the treatment of insomnia in primary care: study protocol for a pragmatic, multicentre randomized controlled trial. BMC Primary Care, 24(1), 1-10. 

  • Trial registration: 

19 Sep 2023

For further information, contact

For further information, contact

Project team members

  • Nina Elise MøllerløkkenFriskliv og Mestring Trondheim kommune
  • Astrid Sletteng RønningFriskliv og Mestring Trondheim kommune

Affiliated researchers

Affiliated researchers