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Welcome to the world’s northernmost psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics lab!

In the Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab we investigate the cognitive and neural underpinnings of language competence and use across the life-span, how they change in the course of language development to adulthood, and how they are modulated, affected or compromised by developmental deficits. The Lab is primarily dedicated to basic research. We do experimental research on language acquisition (first language acquisition with children and second language acquisition with adults) as well as on language processing (for instance comprehension and categorisation). Our goal is to find out how humans develop their abilities to understand and reflect on the world around them and to talk about it. Closely related is the question what young children know about the world around them. How do they think? How do they learn to talk?

Current and recent projects include the Horizon 2020 ETN LanPercept and DCOMM, the COST Action IS1406 'Enhancing children's oral language skills across Europe and beyond - a collaboration focusing on interventions for children with difficulties learning their first language', and NFR projects 'Situated Reference in Language' (2012-2016) and 'Origins of Semantic Composition in Early Cognitive Development' (2016-2020).


  • The Lab organises a 'Spatial Language and Spatial Cognition Workshop' in Trondheim on 6-7 December, 2017. For more information and the scientific program, see here.
  • 'Blir man smartere av å kunne flere språk?' The Lab is featured on NRK Newton (Newtonhit 24.11.2017).
  • Giosuè Baggio gives an invited talk at the international workshop Cognitive Semantics and Quantities, University of Amsterdam, 28-29.09.2017
  • Mila Vulchanova gives an invited talk at the international conference Beyond Reading, Cá Foscari University Venice 22-23.09.2017

  • Mila Vulchanova interviewed in the Norwegian weekly magazine KK  

  • Mila Vulchanova gives an invited talk at LACompLing2017 in Stockholm

  • Research Scholars of UoH complete the Erasmus programme at the Lab

  • Mila Vulchanova gives a keynote talk at the 4th Attentive Listener in the Visual World International Workshop, Goa - India

  • Prof. Ulf Liszkowski (Hamburg University) gives a talk on "Shades, and shapes, of infant pointing. With an eye on autism, SLI, and pointing origins" on Wednesday 15/02 at 14:15 at the Lab

  • Mila Vulchanova & Valentin Vulchanov give a talk on "Traces of a language deficit on the higher end of the autism spectrum" at the Research Seminar, Department of Linguistics, at Essex University on May 5th.
  • Podcast on the advantages of active use of the two standard varieties of Norwegian
  • Prof. Vulchanova gives a talk at the Psychology Higher Seminar, Örebro University
  • Prof. Vulchanova is external reviewer for Pia Nordgren's thesis defense, Gothenburg University March 3, 2016
  • The "Perspective on Language Development" workshop will take place on March 1st, 2016.
  • Prof. Vulchanova gives a talk in the High Seminar, Örebro University and is the opponent at a doctoral defense at the Department of Psychology, Örebro University on February 5th, 2016.


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