Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab

Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab

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PhD student and test person in the lab, test person wearing a cap with sensors.

In the Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab we investigate the cognitive and neural bases of human language competence and use, with a focus on syntax, semantics and pragmatics from words to discourse. Our research falls into two broad intersecting areas:

Language acquisition — We study how language and literacy skills change during cognitive development and throughout the lifespan, and how they are modulated or compromised by developmental deficits.

Language processing — We study how spoken and written language comprehension unfold in real time, how they are realised in multiple brain systems, and how they are affected by neurological conditions.

The Lab was established in 2005 and is one of the few research units in Scandinavia dedicated to basic empirical research on language processing and acquisition. We also develop resources for researchers and practitioners interested in studying and assessing language skills in educational or clinical settings.

The Lab arranges occasional open days and on-site visits with presentations and demonstrations for the public, in particular for schoolchildren of all ages and for teachers and parents. Contact us if you want to be notified about our dissemination and public engagement events or if you want to book a visit.

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