Mass Spectrometry Lab at the NV Faculty



The NT- faculty together with departments of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Biology invested  approximately 8 millions NOK in 2012-2013 to acquire two LC MS/MS instruments that  form the core of  an inter-departmental facility.  These instruments are joining already existing equipment consisting of a GC-MS(SQ) with EI ionization and a LC-MS(SQ). The main focus of this facility is to provide wide and versatile services to all different research activities pursued in the departments involved. Possible applications for the instruments are: 

LC-MS/MS with high-resolution power ( Q-TOF)

Study and identification of known and unknown synthesized organic and biological molecules (metabolites, peptides, proteins and other natural products) , as well as for studies of reaction mixtures (mechanistic studies).

LC-MS/MS (Triple quadrupole)

The instrument can be used for quantification and identification of known biological and chemical molecules in complex extracts and mixtures.

The sum of all these instruments represents a multipurpose and efficient MS centre due to its adaptability. Versatility of the facility refers not only to Ionization modes ( ESI, APCI, APPI, ASAP and EI), but also to diversity of separation technologies available like UPC2  (SCF chromatography), UPLC, GC and Ion Chromatography. Therefore a large number of different chemical compounds can be separated and identified in this facility.

Since we are always interested in exploring new applications, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Biology contact:  Thorsten Hamann

Biotechnology contact: Kåre A Kristiansen

Chemistry contact: Susana Villa Gonzalez



Susana Villa Gonzalez

Senior Engineer
Phone: +47 735 96 122
Mobile Phone: +47 994 34 793


Kåre Andre Kristiansen. Photo

Kåre Andre Kristiansen

Senior Engineer
Phone: +47 988 58 932