HSE at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

HSE at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

– Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

HSE course for employees at the NV faculty. Photo


NTNU will provide safe, secure and stimulating work for its staff in order to create a work environment that encourages creative, constructive and critical thinking. The work environment is to promote ability, learning, good health and job satisfaction, and avoid work-related illness, injury and environmentally hazardous emissions or deposits.


Objectives for HSE measures

The objectives for HSE measures at the NV Faculty are developing systematic and on-going activities that will:

  • Prevent injury and damage to equipment
  • Safeguard the quality of the physical work environment
  • Prevent hazardous and unplanned emissions
  • Ensure that safety and environmental considerations are integrated in all work activities
  • Document internally and externally that safety and environmental considerations are followed
  • Contribute to HSE being included and actively used in education
  • Document that the relevant laws and regulations are followed
  • Create a good psychosocial work environment with collective responsibility for all staff
  • Ensure that it is a managerial task to follow up HSE guidelines

Plan for HSE measures

HSE measures at the NV Faculty are to be done systematically with respect to the applicable laws and regulations that regulate our activities. This applies to students and staff as well as the external environment. Systematic HSE measures are to be implemented by the following means:

  • There is to be an annual audit of the HSE routines at the NV Faculty
  • Information about HSE measures is to be posted in the faculty's intranet site
  • Using risk assessments of the work environment and making HSE inspection rounds
  • Producing annual activity plans for HSE to focus on specific themes
  • HSE representative position
  • The departments are to be active in getting students involved with the applicable HSE measures
  • The student representatives are to be allowed to present HSE issues at the department and faculty level
  • All waste material is to be handled in accordance with the regulations to secure the internal and external environment
  • Cooperation with the central HSE Department for assistance from work-hygiene specialists, health personnel, physiotherapists, following up those on leaves of absence due to illness etc.