Norwegian Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI/SFI)

The Research Council of Norway

Norwegian Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI/SFI)

Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI/SFI)

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The Research Council of Norway provides long-term funding for collaboration between research-performing companies and research groups in fields of importance for innovation and value creation, and with enhance of technology transfer, internationalization and researcher training. The SFI/CRI scheme, advertisements, and current and former centres.


NTNU hosts 12 CRI/SFI

SFI AutoShip – Autonomous Ships ensures that Norwegian players take a leading role in the development of autonomous ships.

SFI CASA works with multi-scale testing, modelling and simulation of materials and structures.

SFI CGF – Centre for Geophysical Forecasting works with geophysical forecasting and sustainable use of the resources.

SFI CIUS – Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions has research on ultrasound for medical applications and oil, gas and maritime sectors.

SFI iCSI – Industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation develops chemical, efficient, low-emission process technology.

SFI Metal Production strengthens metallurgical industry through sustainability and resource efficiency.

SFI MOVE – Marine Operations in Virtual Environments develops methods and technologies for maintenance of equipment in extreme waters.

SFI NORCICS – Norwegian Centre for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors enables companies and society to digitize in a secure and reliable manner.

SFI NorwAI – Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation has research on AI and Big Data for industrial solutions.

SFI PhysMet – Centre for sustainable and competitive metallurgical and manufacturing industry has research on physical metallurgy for the metal industry.

SFI SAMCoT – Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology develops technology for exploration and exploitation of the Arctic region.

SFI SUBPRO – Subsea production and processing develops technology for subsea productions and processing of petroleum.

NTNU is partner in CRI/SFI

NTNU is partner in 14 CRI/SFI

SFI BLUES has research on floating stationary structures. SINTEF Ocean hosts the centre.

SFI Industrial Biotechnology coordinates national infrastructure and expertise in networks. SINTEF hosts the centre.

SFI SWIPA – Subsurface Well Integrity, Plugging and Abandonment develops well barriers and underground barriers. SINTEF hosts the centre.

SFI CIRFA – Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations develops Arctic surveillance technologies. UiT – The Arctic University of Norway hosts the centre.

SFI CtrlAQUA – Centre for Research-based Innovations in Controlled-environment Aquaculture develops closed-containment aquaculture concepts. Nofima AS hosts the centre.

SFI DigiWells develops digitization and automation for drilling oil and gas. NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre AS hosts the centre.

SFI EXPOSED – Exposed Aquaculture works for robust, safe and efficient fish farming. SINTEF Ocean hosts the centre.

SFI Harvest develops technology for use of marine resources. SINTEF Ocean hosts the centre.

SFI Klima 2050 works to reduce societal risks with climate changes. SINTEF hosts the centre.

SFI Manufacturing works for sustainable and advanced manufacturing. SINTEF Manufacturing AS hosts the centre.

SFI Offshore Mechatronics works with hydraulics, robotics, automation. UiA – University of Agder hosts the centre.

SFI ProCardio develops ICT platform for cardiology. Oslo University Hospital hosts the centre.

SFI SIRIUS – Centre for Scalable Data Access in the Oil and Gas Domain works for access and use of data within oil and gas business. UiO – University of Oslo hosts the centre.

SFI Smart Maritime works with emission efficient technologies for maritime industry. SINTEF Ocean hosts the centre.