RAMS in Ferry-free E39

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has been commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to investigate the potential a ferry-free coastal route represents for trade and industry and thus for employment and settlement in the region. The NPRA will also evaluate alternative technological solutions for fjord crossings along coastal route E39 between Kristiansand and Trondheim.

The RAMS group has an on-going collaboration project with the NPRA covering:

  • State of the art evaluation of key areas of importance to demanding and complex projects, such as  technology qualification, risk-based maintenance planning, risk acceptance and risk acceptance criteria setting, and management of RAMS in a lifecycle perspective.
  • Master projects
  • Development of new methods for risk-based decision-making for maintenance planning, to be integrated with the qualification process of new bridge concepts, and which is able to incorporate other models for decision-making, such as from structural reliability assessments.

The NPRA is co-funding a PhD position in this area of risk-based decision-making for maintenance planning. The PhD candidate is Renny Arismendi Torres

Main contact: Professor Anne Barros