Faculty of Architecture and Design

Artistic and architectural development

Photo of an exhibition: Bruce Sampson

What is artistic development?

Architectural and artistic development is equated with research at the faculty. This is professional, knowledge-based activities, and the result of it can be presented or exhibited.

Artistic and architectural development can be communicated in various ways, such as through sketches, miniature models, paintings, installations, completed construction works etc.

Faculty staff registers results of artistic development in the database Cristin.

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Strategic focus areas

The faculty has five strategic focus areas including research, artistic development, innovation and education.

  • Cities of the future
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Architecture and health
  • Art and culture as a pillar of society
  • Innovative learning


Artistic development is an ongoing activity in all deparments at the faculty, and particularly in two of them:

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme has the overall national responsibility for stimulating and focusing artistic development in Norway. State funds are channeled to the program. They are allocated through national competition through two different programs, Project Programme (2010-) and Fellowship Programme (2003-). The competition is tough, artists from different disciplines all over the country compete for funds allocated through the programs.