NTNU Live Studio - projects in the real world

NTNU Live Studio - projects in the real world

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The faculty has developed the concept "NTNU Live Studio" in close collaboration with StudioBeta, a working community for and by students.

"Live Studio" is a generic term for projects that are based on actual issues, and developed in real dialogue with external partners. The projects can be located in Norway or abroad. They may be building or planning projects.

The projects are mainly initiated by students in collaboration with external partners, but they can also be part of NTNU's Master's studies in architecture and planning. It is an important goal that the projects and processes have societal significance.

"NTNU Live Studio" is also one of the work packages in NTNU's TRANSark center conducting research on learning in architectural education. In this work Package the center will organize and develop the knowledge of learning through real projects. The Faculty wants to bring this knowledge back to architectural education. It is a long-term goal to develop more Live Studio topics in education and in collaboration with partners, nationally and internationally.

The faculty and "NTNU Live Studio" received the Norwegian Ministry of Educations award for outstanding education 2015.

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