Department of Design


Student watching 3D printer
Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU

Our research is carried out within four strategic areas

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Design for Sustainability addresses the relations between people, nature, technologies, and material environments, and changes in these relations. 

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Human-centered technology

Human-Centred Technology is researching how to design and evaluate technological systems in various domains by following the core principles and methods from Human-Factors, Information Systems, and Human-Computer Interaction research.

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Interplay argues for “a relational turn” within the design discipline, meaning that a well-designed service facilitates and aims at situations in which meetings between people and services contribute to people functioning in the best possible way given their context and situation.

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Form consists of practitioners and researchers with experience from private and public sector. Activities encompass teaching, research, practice based activities and outward-facing initiatives like exhibitions, visibility, dialogues and talks.

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