Strategic area: Design for sustainability

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Strategic area: Design for sustainability

Photo of a cardboard sign saying "We do't have time"
Photo: Ida Nilstad Pettersen. We don't have time.

The strategic area Design for Sustainability addresses relations between people, nature, technologies, and material environments, and changes in these relations. The research activity contributes to main streams of research that include:

  • Design and changes in behaviours and practices
  • Socio-cultural sustainability and social design and innovation 
  • Design for sustainability transitions

Research activity

Current projects

Current projects

Developing a Holistic Ecosystem for Sustainable Repurposing and/or Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs) in Norway and EU.

Narrating Sustainability
How sustainability is narrated, contested, understood, and reimagined in literary studies, environmental psychology research, and design.

Rewilding campus - Det grønne Gløs
Connecting people to nature in an urban environment.

Transdisciplinary Education for a Sustainable Society.

Supporting Circular ecOnomy thRough Education.

Completed projects

The Medical Home | MINDERMSESSD | 3C // Co-constructing city futuresCapSEM | Circ€uit | Hug the StreetsENTOWASTETRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA

PhD projects

PhD projects

Photo of felted yarn
Photo: Berilsu Tarcan. Felting.
  • Saara-Maria Kauppi: Edible insects as novel food.
  • Manisha Rayaprolu: Participatory design processes and renewable energy practices.
  • Berilsu Tarcan: Exploring the Transformation of Making practices in Culture: Felting as a More-than-Human Design Activity.
  • June Kyong Trondsen: Awkwardness, Embarrassment, Guilt & Shame: Exploring narratives about A/E/G/S and their role in design interventions.
  • Leander Spyridon Pantelatos: Design for Sustainability - user acceptance of repurposed LIBs.
  • Andrea Valladares: Exploring the role of visualization and conversational objects in participatory design for sustainability transitions.

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