Background and activities

Research area

I am conducting research within the fields of Energy Planning and Power Markets. My interests are primarily focused on the integration of renewable energy in the energy system. My research activities include:

  • Power system balancing
  • Power market analysis
  • Investment planning of transmission systems, including a future North Sea Grid
  • Large-scale integration of renewable energy sources in Europe
  • Generation scheduling in hydro-thermal power systems
  • Demand-side Management
  • Flexibility operation in Distribution systems


  • Associate Professor at Dept. of Electric Power Engineering, NTNU (2015-)
  • Scientific Advisor of SINTEF Energi (2015-)
  • Research scientist at SINTEF Energi (2012-2015)
  • (PhD) from Dept. of Electric Power Engineering, NTNU (2012) with the title: "Integrated Power System Balancing in Northern Europe - Models and Case Studies."

Research activities

  • Contributing to the FME research centres CINELDI ZEN and NTRANS
  • WP5 leader in the EU H2020 project INVADE
  • Contributing to the research centres NOWITECH, CEDREN (See and ) 
  • Currently participating in the project:
  • Past project involvement:
    • FP7-EU TWENTIES, eHighway2050, EERA IRPWIND

PhD candidates

Main supervisor for:

Co-supervisor for:

  •  Markus Löschenbrand: Dynamic Electricity Market Games Modeling Competition under Large-Scale Storage, (completed in 2019)
  • Güray Kara: Techno-economic optimization for analysing consumer flexibility and related market structures
  • Salman Zaferanlouei: Integration of Electric Vehicles with Smart Grid

Previous PhD candidates:


  • Main supervisor for 5 project/master-students 2015-2016
  • Main supervisor for 8 project/master-students 2016-2017
  • Responsible for the 5-year course "TET4185- Power Markets, Resources and Environment " (2015-)
  • Participating in organising of the PhD course "Power Market Theory" (2017-)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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