Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

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Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Norway's Larges Wind Tunnel. Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory has 4 wind tunnels. Our largest wind tunnel has a 2 x 3 square meter test section with a 100 km/h max speed. Tunnels are equipped with 3D remote control mechanisms for traversing probes within the test section, and force plates and balances for measuring wind loads on structures. Pressure distribution on airfoils and from rakes of pressure probes are measured by rapid pressure scanners. 

Examples of research

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Wake Interaction Studies

Bench mark experiments for validation of prediction methods for wind park designs. 

See references:
Krogstad and Eriksen, Ren. Energy 50 (2013) 325-333.
Pierella, Krogstad and Sætran, Ren. Energy (2014)

Stability investigation of 
Offshore platforms

Stability investigation of Offshore platforms

Clients and Platforms/Ships:

Statoil, Petrobras, Aker Engineering, Aker Solutions, Saga, Fred Olsen, Geco, Norsk Hydro. Snorre, Oseberg, Statfjord, P-19, Troll A, Troll B, Troll C, Aasgard, Visund


Sport Aerodynamics

Consultant for Norwegian Olympic Committee, SWIX, Adidas

Wind tunnel

Working with individuals and teams in Ski jumping, Alpine skiing, Speed skating

See references:
Leirdal, Sætran et al, Medicine & Science ind Sprts & Exercise 38 (2006) 1462-1469
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Contact us

Contact us

Professor James Dawson
Professor Lars Sætran

Strømningsteknisk lab (see Mazemap)

Kolbjørn Hejes vei 2, NTNU
NO-7034 Trondheim

Norway's largest wind tunnel

Norway's largest wind tunnel

  • Max speed: 100 km/h
  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 m cross section, 11 m long – with 3D traverse
  • Loads on structures measured using: 6-component Schenck blance; AMTI 6-component force plates
  • Time and space resolved velocities and turbulence measured by: 3D Hot wires; Laser Doppler Velocity; High-speed Particle Image Velocimetry

Designing windmills like real engineers

Designing windmills like real engineers

A film from the course Energy from Environmental Flows:

Studenter bak vindmølle