Generic projects for additional industrial synergies

Industrial Innovation Area 6

Generic projects for additional industrial synergies

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iCSI is working to advance and integrate cutting edge experimental and theoretical methodologies within catalysis research for increased industrial innovation.

Each research activity taps into different competencies and infrastructures of the iCSI consortium. In addition, considerable sharing of knowledge on e.g. experimental procedures and modeling protocols is to take place between the work packages.

But since several of the industrial innovation areas involve similar, generic methodology, Industrial Innovation Area 6 (IIA6) has been allocated to generic activities unspecific to a particular technology with the intention of moving the research forefront and serving as a competence base for future IIA1-5 efforts.

Work packages IIA6

WP 6.1: In-situ characterization methodology for catalytic active sites determination (XAS, XPS, and others)

WP 6.2: Advanced characterization

WP 6.3: Atomistic modeling of in metals and oxides (microkinetics, DFT, etc)

WP 6.4: Advanced reactor modeling



Magnus Rønning

Magnus Rønning

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Catalysis, NTNU


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