Department of Computer Science

About us

We have approximately 200 employees in our academic, technical, and administrative staff. The department's staff is located at three camupses; 120 at Gløshaugen, 40 at Kalvskinnet in Trondheim, and 40 in Gjøvik.

The diversity in our research disciplines gives us unique opportunities for interdisciplinary research. We put emphasis on the importance of teaching and learning.

Management team

The day to day management is done by our management team:


  • Vision: IT knowledge for a smarter and safer world
  • Values: Constructive, creative, critical, respectful, and including


Mission in society

We will offer outstanding and future-oriented expertise in IT, for and in collaboration with industry, government and leading national and international research environments.

Research and innovation

IDI will be a significant player in research and innovation. We will:

  • Emphasize quality of doctoral training
  • Exercise strategic research of high international quality including basic research and IT enabling technology for strategic areas
  • Be a preferred partner in national and international research projects
  • Publish research results in prestigious conferences, journals and textbooks
  • Promote research of outstanding quality
  • Invest in laboratories and infrastructures with clear research profile shared by several scientific employees and groups


IDI will be a preferred campus nationally and internationally. We will:

  • Encourage learning of fundamental and research -based principles, theories, methods and techniques within IT
  • Provide clear specializations
  • Experiment with future-oriented forms of learning and build on IDI project-based learning traditions
  • Educate highly competent graduates at bachelor and master level for IT business and public administration (including PhD candidates for universities)

Dissemination and visibility

IDI will have a solid reputation and be clearly visible in the public debate. We will:

  • Exert an proactive media approach to popular scientific subject matter
  • Be a preferred source of information for IT knowledge
  • Contribute to the interest in IT and understanding of its importance in society

Governance and participation

IDI shall promote good governance and participation through:

  • Clear leadership at department and group level, focusing on open expression and constructive feedback.
  • Good academic and social meeting venues
  • Professional Human Resource (HR) work with a focus on good employment procedures and good monitoring of employees
  • Proactive HSE work with emphasis on physical spaces, social relations and wellbeing
  • Proactive monitoring of finances and good economy management will ensure good resources for research, learning and development.

Contact us

Head of Department John Krogstie

Professor John Krogstie
Head of Department

  •    +47 73 59 34 40 – Gløshaugen
  •    +47 61 13 54 00 – Gjøvik
  •    +47 73 55 95 40 – Kalvskinnet

Visit us – Gløshaugen

Kart Gløshaugen

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Sem Sælandsvei 9
Gløshaugen, Trondheim

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Department of Computer Science
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway

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Kart Gløshaugen

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Bygg A
Teknologiveien 22
NO-2815 Gjøvik

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Department of Computer Science
Postboks 191
NO-2815 Gjøvik, Norway

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Kart Akrinn

Visiting and delivery address

Akrinn, floor 4 and 5
Sverres gate 12

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Department of Computer Science
Sverres gate 12
NO-7012 Trondheim, Norway