Data and artificial intelligence – DART

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Data and artificial intelligence – DART

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DART Prosjekter

Research projects

Projects from EU (Horizon 2020) and the Research Council of Norway (NFR)
Abbreviation Project Framework Contact
ML4ITS Machine Learning for Irregular Time Series NFR
2021 – 2025
Massimiliano Ruocco
supportPRIM Optimizing management of musculoskeletal pain disorders in primary care NFR
2020 – 2024
Kerstin Bach
GentleMAN Gentle and Advanced Robotic Manipulation of 3D Compliant Objects NFR
2019 – 2023
Keith Downing
ShuttleNet Scalable Neural Models for Long Sequential Data NFR
2018 – 2023
Zhirong Yang

DART Gemini Centres

Gemini centres

Gemini centres is a formalized collaboration between SINTEF and NTNU.

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The DART research group has access to a broad spectrum of advanced laboratories and scientific equipment:


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