Agency, Action and Embodiment (AAE)

Agency, Action and Embodiment (AAE)

AAE is an interdisciplinary research group situated at IFR. We have a joint interest in understanding agency and identity, the role of action and interaction (both at the individual and collective level) as well as embodiment. The group seeks to enable and strengthen the dialogue between the humanities and sciences, bringing together researchers in philosophy, religious studies, interdisciplinary culture studies with psychology, neuroscience, and AI. The group´s main goal is to provide a new interdisciplinary platform at NTNU, enabling members to share, discuss and advance both theoretical and empirical research on these shared topics.

Currently the group is recruiting interested members and collaborators from both the humanities and other faculties. 


Our Key Research Areas

Our Key Research Areas: 


1. Theory and concept

Understand the constitution of agency and self through comparative and theoretical analysis


2. Culture and Society

Understand the negotiation and transformation of agency in various cultural and religious contexts


3. Health and Technology

Understand augmentation/diminishment og agency in interaction with technologies and in different health contexts


4. Mechanism and experience

Understand agency at different levels of observation, including the behavioural, intersubjective and phenomenological/qualitative levels


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