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InEdS: Integrated Education Studies

Education is a complex human endeavour and it is viewed as a cornerstone for developing creative and innovative individuals and for advancing democratic societies. Integrated Education Studies, a research group affiliated with the pedagogy section in the NTNU’s Department of Teacher Education, provides a venue for internally cross-sectional and externally national and international research and collaboration. It strives for a more holistic and comparative view of education phenomena for a more complex and multifaceted understanding that is relevant for the 21st century and contributes to further development of schooling and societies.

The work of the research group primarily focuses on Continental and Nordic Didaktik and Anglo-American curriculum theories and how they apply to teacher education, curriculum studies, and other contemporary issues and domains in education. Education phenomena and topics are framed from various innovative theoretical perspectives and addressed through varied qualitative and quantitative methodologies and systematic reviews.

The research group is well-connected nationally and internationally with collaborative research efforts underway in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the US, and it is open for collaboration with researchers, Master students and PhD candidates in Norway and abroad.

Ongoing Projects and Activities

Systematic Review of Research on Bildung in Education

Since 2021, InEdS research group members are undertaking a comprehensive systematic review of research on Bildung in education. The purpose of this project on Bildung (danning in Norwegian) is to identify and discuss conceptual understanding of Bildung and its relevance and implications for education theory, policy and practice in the Nordic context and internationally, relying on research on Bildung published in peer-reviewed journals in English covering a timespan of 30 years (1990-2020).

Systematic Review of Research on Competence in Education

InEdS is undertaking a systematic review of research on competence in education in collaboration with researchers at Linnaeus University in Sweden. The review covers a timespan of 25 years (1997-2022) focusing on the concept of competence in curriculum policy and curriculum implementation as addressed in educational research published in English related to K-12 education levels. Competence has been introduced as a guiding concept in curriculum policy in the European/Nordic contexts as well as globally since late 1990s and the project aims to take stock of how the discourse around this concept has evolved in curriculum policy and implementation over time.

Recent - Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

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ECER 2023, Glasgow.

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