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STEMkey (2020-2023) is an Eramus+ project which aims to transform future teachers’ approach to teaching standard STEM topics. To achieve that, we want to rethink, reshape and redirect the delivery of fundamental STEM subject knowledge in the direction of key competence development. In STEMkey, 12 partners from institutions across Europe will develop innovative teaching modules for initial teacher education to help future teachers connect standard STEM topics to real-life contexts, using an interdisciplinary approach.

The team from NTNU will design a teaching module on the periodic system and the chemical elements. By generating curiosity-driven, contextualized teaching, we hope to motivate students to in-depth learning in chemistry. The module will include hands-on interaction with samples of elements as well as 3D models of the periodic system. By selecting elements that the students might know from their everyday lives, and disseminate about their applications in society– we connect the “inhabitants” of the periodic system, and thereby the system itself to real-life contexts. The 3D models will demonstrate that the periodic system is clearly not just a table – it is a system with “hidden” information.  

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The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.