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The research group is studying different aspects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBI is one of the most important causes of death and disability among young adults in high income countries such as Norway, and the incidence rate is steadily increasing in developing countries. TBI affects physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning.

The TBI group has a special interest in diffuse axonal injury (DAI; white matter lesions) also known as called traumatic axonal injury (TAI). We use imaging methods with emphasis on MRI from the acute to the chronic phase. Advanced MRI techniques such as fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) may be useful tools to compare axonal injury and functional deficits after head injury. We also use methods such as quantitative EEG and cognitive event related potentials (ERP) in our research.

Our research is multidisciplinary, and the TBI group includes clinicians and researchers from many different departments at St. Olavs University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. The group is headed by professor Anne Vik and professor Asta Håberg, and the group has several national and international collaborators.

The "Head Injury Project" is an on-going cohort study with comprehensive data collection from the scene of accident, through the acute phase and up to five years after the injury. Research topics include prehospital management, neurosurgery and intensive care, neuroimaging, rehabilitation and outcome. 

In the project "Mild and moderate TBI" are patients examined using MRI within 72 hours, blood samples for analyses of biomarkers and neuropsychological testing repeatedly during the first year after the injury.

The research group is also contributing in the large scale EC study from february 2015: Center-TBI:

The research group will be the coordinating center 2017-2020 for an ERA-NET Neuron study "TAI-MRI": A New Traumatic Axonal Injury Classification Scheme based on Clinical and Improved MR Imaging Biomarkers. The study is partly EU funded and have 4  partners: Cambridge University, Antwerp University and Radboud University: 

MR imaging of a patient with severe TBI: lesions in the corpus callosum (red arrow) and in the brain stem (yellow arrow) due to diffuse axonal injury


Professor Anne Vik

Post doc Toril Skandsen

Professor Pål Klepstad
(Intensive care)

Professor Asta Håberg
(Advanced MRI)