Patient Education and Participation (PEP)

Department of Public Health and Nursing

Patient Education and Participation (PEP)

Patient education is one of four main tasks in Norwegian hospitals, and the hospitals are required by law to introduce and maintain patient education and participation in their work. Despite this obligation little research has been done in this area in Norway, and no substantial research environment has been established.

The research group for Patient Education and Participation (PEP) at NTNU was founded when Aslak Steinsbekk was hired by the university in 2005. The research group was established as a result of the Central Norway Regional Health Authority finding it necessary to do more research in the field as an addition to the clinical work. The research group now includes a research leader, a post doc, six PhDs, and several clinicians and master students. 

PEP is the biggest research group in this specific field in Norway, as well as of considerable size on an international scale. 


Research projects

PEP's projects examine the effect of several forms of patient education and participation, in as broad terms as possible, through randomized controlled studies and qualitative studies based on patient experience. 

The common goal of the projects is to establish how patient education and participation is incorporated in treatment methods today, as well as discover which methods of incorporation produce the best results. 

The bigger ongoing projects focus, among other things, on the effect of education of patients with different diagnoses on an individual level, and education on strategies on an administrative level.