News from 2016

News from 2016

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Christmas Greeting from the SFI

Christmas card from the CRI. The Management Team in SFI Metal Production wants to thank all of you for the collaboration in 2016! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

19 December, 2016 - The SFI wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Workshop for the Increased Use of Natural Gas in Metal Production

8 December, 2016 - With continued focus on a cleaner metallurgical industry with a smaller CO2-footprint, increased use of gas as a reductant is likely to be part of the solution. On the 23rdand 24th of November, a workshop on the topic, gathering representatives from much of Norwegian industry as well as international experts, was held in Trondheim. Interesting talks from industry and academia as well as guests from Norsk Industri and the Research Council of Norway led to an interesting discussion about a Roadmap for Increased Gas Use in Metal Production. The work on the road map will continue and the end result be presented at the SFI spring meeting. In the meanwhile, the talks are available for download here.

Manganese Meeting

Trine Asklund Larssen giving her presentation. Photo: Kari Ravnestad Kjørholt

30 November, 2016 - The manganese industry, represented by participants from Eramet and Glencore, were present at the Mn meeting November 22nd at NTNU/SINTEF. At the meeting the results from MSc students, PhD students and PostDocs were presented and discussed. In addition to students from the SFI, students from other projects, such as GasFerrosil, also participated. The topics varied from raw material treatment to reaction mechanisms in FeMn and SiMn production.

Newly Arrived Exchange Student from Brazil

Photo: Kari Ravnestad Kjørholt

25 November, 2016 - Diego Correa Ramos is an exchange student that just arrived from Brazil. He is a PhD student of Science Forestry and is doing a project about charcoal use in silicon production.  At NTNU there is more specialized knowledge about the silicon process than at his university back home, and he will stay here for 10 months to take advantage of that knowledge.

Funding from RCN for Merete and Eli’s INTPART Application

Photo of Merete Tangstad and Eli Ringdalen.

22 November, 2016 - Merete Tangstad and Eli Ringdalen, researchers at the SFI Metal Production, have received funding from the the Research Council of Norway for their INTPART application. The primary goal of the project is to establish and develop a long-term cooperation between the institutions of NTNU, SINTEF, MINTEK (a research organization in South Africa) and North-West University (NWU, South Africa) regarding research and higher education.

Exchange Student from Tokyo

17 November, 2016 - Ryosuke Kawamoto is an exchange student from the University of Tokyo and has been working with the silicon and manganese reduction process since he came here in January this year.

The 23 year old chose to be an exchange student because he wanted to visit new places and get new experiences. One of his professors from Tokyo is an acquaintance of Merete Tangstad, the RD2 leader here at the center, and so his choice fell on Norway and NTNU.

The Autumn Meeting at SFI Metal Production Last Week in October

Photo: Kari Ravnestad Kjørholt

10 November, 2016 - The meeting started with the invited speaker Jørgen Randers, professor emeritus of climate strategy at the Norwegian Business School. He presented a forecast for the next forty years on sustainability and global warming. He gave the 130 people in the audience a warning for an expected growth beyond the carrying capacity of the planet Earth. The presentation was both interesting and inspiring.

Merete Tangstad Joins EU Project


9 November, 2016 -  Merete Tangstad, the RD2 leader, has been invited to join the Future Emerging Technologies Open project, a part of the EU program Horizon 2020.

Silicon Short Course

Photo: Kari R. Kjørholt

28 October, 2016 - October 17th to 19th the SFI hosted a Si short course in Trondheim. The course was partly arranged as a repetition for the industry representatives to renew their knowledge about silicon, and partly as a course for the students learning about some of these processes for the first time. It is also a great opportunity for the students and industry to meet and establish connections. 

SFI Metal Production at Materialdagen

18 October, 2016 - On Wednesday October 5th, Aud Wærnes, the SFI Metal Production director, gave a lecture at Materialdagen where she presented the center. She talked about the different research domains and what they focus on, the general struction of the center and it’s vision and goals for the future years.