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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

About us

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is a teaching and research institution within the field of medicine and health.

We are part of the Integrated University Hospital in Trondheim together with St. Olavs Hospital.

The Faculty has activity in Trondheim, Gjøvik, Ålesund and Levanger. We have around 1800 employees, many of which also have positions within the Health Care Services. We have around 6500 students. 

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Contact us

Contact us

General inqiries: +47 73 55 11 00 | postmottak@mh.ntnu.no

Academic inquiries: studier@mh.ntnu.no

Press Contact: Åse Sjømæling

Faculty administration - staff

Faculty management

Faculty management

The Faculty's day-to-day operations are managed by the Dean, Vice Deans and the Head of Administration.

The Heads of the departments are included in the Faculty's management team.



Postal address

NTNU, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,
7491 Trondheim

Package delivery

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S.P. Andersens veg 11,
7031 Trondheim.

Visiting addresses

Faculty reception:

Olav Kyrres gate 17, Trondheim

Faculty management:

Harald Hardrådes gate 13, Trondheim

Faculty administration:

Fred Kavli-bygget
Olav Kyrres gate 9, Trondheim

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Facts about the faculty


Other academic environments at NTNU, St. Olav’s Hospital and the Central Norway Regional Health Authority are the faculty's closest partners in education, research and innovation. Trondheim Municipality is an equally important collaborator. 

Other important collaborators include SINTEF, Levanger Hospital, Innlandet Hospital, Ålesund Hospital, Gjøvik Municipality and Ålesund Municipality.

Strategic focus areas

The Faculty hosts NTNU Health, one of NTNU's strategic research areas, which aims to stimulate interdisciplinary and innovative solutions to future health challenges.

Among the Faculty's own areas of focus are Innovation and Global Health


In 2018, the Faculty's activites represent a total turnover of about NOK 1.4 billion. Of this, external funding totals almost NOK 500 million.