Nanoparticle systems for innovative electrical interconnects

Nanoparticle systems for innovative electrical interconnects




Collaborative project with TU Delft

Duration: 2018-2022

Funding scheme: NTNU and TU Delft



Micro and nanoparticles are essential building blocks in the manufacturing and functionality of small-scale devices and functional materials. Integration of particles in polymer substrate changes the properties, and allows embedding functions like sensors or actuators. This project brings together the partners’ knowledge and technology on micro and nanoparticle synthesis, their patterning and integration in larger scale-systems and the development of repeatable manufacturing methods and applications. A particular focus is the development of innovative electrical interconnection schemes for rigids to flexible substrates.

Project goal

The project focuses on the understanding and technology development for new electrical interconnection schemes, in which the properties of micro and-nano particles are exploited. The work will focus on

  • Multi-physics (mechanical, thermal and electrical) modelling and experimental characterization for single particles and particle systems, in order to be able to relate particle system definitions to expected behaviour along these physical domains.
  • Manufacturing process development involving particle systems, patterning of particles as well functionalisation of materials using particles.


We will also explore innovative approaches to bring the particle-based electrical interconnect system to higher levels of performance. Also, the modelling and characterisation methods, as well as the manufacturing processes that will be developed, allow utilization in a variety of directions.



Partners in Norway


Prof. Jianying He              Prof. Zhiliang Zhang          Prof.II Helge Kristiansen    Sandra Sæther

      NTNU                                   NTNU                                Conpart AS                      NTNU

Partners in the Netherlands


Prof. Marcel Tichem         Prof. Urs Staufer               Prof. Luigi Sasso               Saleh Aghajani

     TU Delft                             TU Delft                           TU Delft                            TU Delft 

Project activities

Project activities

2018-01-05 PhD candidate Sandra Sæther started, we welcome!

2018-05-01 PhD candidate Saleh Aghajani started, we welcome!