Table of contents

  What to learn  Extras Grammar Pronunciation

1 Going to Trondheim

From Oslo by train
From Rome by plane 
From Bergen by boat 
From Hamburg by car
Introducing oneself
Simple statements and questions
Simple negative statements
Personal pronouns
Verbs, present tense
Nouns, three genders
Question words
Word order
The alphabet
Norwegian and English letters compared

2 Arrival in Trondheim

To Moholt studentby
The airport express coach
Bus to Moholt
To the reception
Asking for help
Asking for directions
The days
The time
Personal pronouns, object form
Auxiliary verbs + infinitive
Nouns, indefinite and definite form
Question words, hvilken
Word order
Norwegian and English vowels compared

3 Settling in at the student housing area

The key
The bed-sitter
First meeting with Anna
Breakfast with Frank
Rooms and furniture
Reflexive pronouns
Nouns, genitive, irregular forms
Adjectives, main pattern
Prepositions, i and

4 Everyday life

At Moholt center
At Solsiden
A shopping trip
At the police station
Going to the shopping centre
Going to the police station
Food and drink
Demonstrative pronouns
Verbs, infinitive
Adjectives, other patterns
Liten and annen
Silent letters

5 In town

An old man
Tourist in Trondheim
E-mail home
Nidarosdomen cathedral
Talking about the past
A little bit about Trondheim
Verbs, past tense
Adjectives in -el, -en
Time expressions
Words for quantities
Consonant clusters

6 At the university

Starting at Dragvoll
Home from Gløshaugen
The sports centre
Norwegian class
Going to Dragvoll and Gløshaugen campus
Going to a Norwegian class
Handy vocabulary for students
Verbs, present perfect
Verbs, irregular
Adjectives, definite form
Word order, subordinate clauses
Long or short vowels
Word tones

7 Family & Spare time

Spare time
Talking about family relations
Talking about spare time
Time expressions
Possessive pronouns
Som (who/which)
Da and når (when)
Retroflex sounds

8 Going on a trip & Being ill

Trip to Oppdal
Peter is ill
Talking about the weather
Months and seasons
Describing pain and discomfort
Reflexive possessives, sin
Adjectives, comparison
Prepositions, time expressions

9 In the office & At a conference

The office
A conference
Handy vocabulary when working at the university
Writing an e-mail
Going to a conference
Word order, main clause / subordinate clause
Fordi and derfor
Short answers
Connected speech

10 A trip to Oslo & Christmas in Norway

Trip to Oslo
Christmas in Norway
Regions in Norway
A little bit about Oslo
Celebrating a Norwegian Christmas
- adverb, conjunction, verb
Prepositions, about place
Prepositions, til and hos
Comma rules
Speech rhythm
Unstressed syllables
Rhythm unit: The foot
Initial unstressed syllables
One last hint