Applications in Organic Chemistry

Applications in Organic Chemistry


Elemental composition confirmation

Mass spectrometry is without a doubt an indispensable tool for the chemistry disciplines like organic and organometallic chemistry. High resolution measurements are of greatest value, as they allow verifying synthetic work and/or identification of unknown natural occurring compounds. These measurements are often complemented with MS fragmentation studies by Electron impact or Collision Induce disosiation.

Reaction Mechanism Studies

Mass spectrometry also allows a deep understanding of reaction mechanism which is often the key for improvement in the production of drugs or any other chemical. Mechanistic and kinetic studies frequently depend on mass spectrometry, particularly high resolution analyses, for example to differentiate isotopic composition. Analyses of reaction mixtures provide identification of reaction intermediates, which together with isotopic labels studies would allow determining which particular atoms are involved or interchanged in a reaction.


Waters instrument Synapt G2 S (QTOF) provides the needed ultra-high mass resolving power and high mass accuracy for this applications.