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The news website presents regular updates on new initiatives/progress and advertises new PhD and Postdoc vacancies in systems biology.

Cell Cycle Ontology 2.0

We completed a major revison of the Cell Cycle Ontology: CCO 2.0. This version has a broader taxonomic coverage - the 7 most important model organisms in the field of cell cycle: human, mouse, fly, worm, fission yeast, budding yeast, Arabidopsis. CCO 2.0 re-uses the source IDs instead of minting CCO specific ones; it has 'all-some' semantics and a SIO based upper level ontology (01.03.2012).

Crossover Project

Crossover Research has been funded by the Norwegian Research Council to develop arenas for learning processes between Ethical Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) research and researchers in technology and natural sciences, in this case systems biology, medicine and computer science (01.10.2011).

Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence

NTNU has become General Member of the Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence.The focus of our efforts will be on toolkit development, semantic data integration and modelling of processes in the gastrointestinal tract. Website: http://www.vph-noe.eu (01.02.2011).

1.8 billion triples in our BioGateway triple store

After an update with the most recent data from OBO ontologies (83 ontologies), GOA gene annotations (1983 species), SwissProt and NCBI taxonomy  we now have now 1.8 billion triples in our BioGateway triple store. URL: http://www.semantic-systems-biology.org (11.06.2010).

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