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A new Master education program was established by the Systems Group in Chemical Engineering Department. This program grants the degree of Master in Chemical Engineering, Systems Biology expertise, and include some major changes to the classical Chemical Engineering program. Several courses were added to the third and fourth years students, including 2-3 mathematical modelling courses, Analysis course, 3 Systems Biology courses, Biochemistry 1+2, Molecular Biology, "Feedback in Cellular biology" module (5th year). We also plan to include in the future "Robustness in Biology module" (5th year, Almaas Lab).

The Master education plan is designed for Master in Technology Program only (Norwegian: 'siving'). This is because these students are taking the necessary courses in mathematics to gain the appropriate background. The student can join by applying to the Department of Chemical Engineering (Kjemisk Prosessteknologi) at the first or second years or at the fourth year if they arrive from other colleges in Norway and abroad.

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Systems biology and biological networks


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Systems biology modelling of cellular metabolism


EiT: Skreddersydd biologi - potensial, begrensninger og 

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