Science Conversations @NTNU

Science Conversations @NTNU

Associate Professor Sulalit Bandyopadhyay and his corona test team at the Department of Chemical Engineering, NTNU. Photo.

Wonder how you can create quality in research and build an academic career? Join our new webinar series Science Conversations @NTNU for young, ambitious researchers to enhance your knowledge and gain concrete advice to advance your career. The four topics covered in Spring 2021 are:

webinars spring 2021

Webinar 1

How to build and lead a strong research group

Thursday 6 May

Webinar 2

The supervisor’s important role in PhD education

Thursday 20 May

Webinar 3

Build a strong project portfolio

Thursday 3 June

Webinar 4

How to gain autonomy beyond your PhD

Thursday 17 June


About the webinars

About Science conversations @NTNU

Science conversations @NTNU are web-based conversations between active researchers on topics that transcend disciplines. The topics are key when developing an academic career.

Younger and more experienced researchers from different disciplines will meet, share experiences and ideas, and give advice.

The webinars are designed for researchers at NTNU who want to advance in the scientific landscape. The series can also be useful for PhD candidates. 

The webinars can be used for quality development in NTNU's research groups and can, for example, be used as an introduction to discussions in one own's research group.

Send us topics or questions

If there are specific topics or questions you would like to have addressed in the webinar, you are welcome to send in topics or questions in advance until 24 hours before the webinar starts. Please use the form linked at the page for each webinar.


In English and recorded

The webinars will be held in English in Zoom, and recorded and made available on each webinar page to anyone who doesn't have the opportunity to watch them live.

Any questions?

Please contact Senior Adviser, Pro-Rector for Research, Janne Østvang.