System Control

System Control

About System Control

The operation of most subsea installations today require very little automatic (feedback) control action. However, to recover hydrocarbons also under increasingly challenging reservoir conditions, the subsea installations may contain one or several modules for separation, pumping and boosting. As the subsea processes become more complex, also more advanced control and monitoring solutions are required to operate these safely and optimally.

The research area Systems Control covers the development of new methods and tools related to safe and optimal operation of such complex subsea processes. In particular, it focuses on the development of:

  • Models
    • Models designed for process control purposes
    • Modelling techniques for subsea process control purposes
  • Methods
    • Control and optimal operation strategies for subsea processes
    • State and parameter estimation methods for estimating unmeasured process conditions

The main application focus of the research area Systems Control is on subsea separation processes. In addition, other processes, such as pumping or compression may be included. The goal is to develop tools and methods that are simple and robust enough for use in real subsea applications.