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Circular City

A project in the Interdisciplinary Sustainable Initiatives at NTNU

Circular City

About the prosject

The Circular City project is an interdisciplinary collaboration to better understand the role of existing buildings as a resource base for a future circular economy. Specifically, the project aims to develop the necessary quantified models, qualitative approaches, domain knowledge and methods to develop a Circular City Information Infrastructure (CCII) that details the quantities, qualities and potential of materials and building elements at a large scale.

Through a cooperation of research teams from architecture, planning, structural engineering, geography, manufacturing, and industrial ecology, Circular City will provide plausible pathways to a circular low-carbon building stock. Circular City is at this stage announcing the call for 4 PhD positions.

The joint goal of the PhD positions is to participate in a trans- and interdisciplinary group that will inform circular economy strategies for the built environment. The PhD students will, in cooperation with other project partners, develop novel approaches to circular resource management of the building stock with a higher granularity, including bottom-up data gathering, remote sensing, building information modelling (BIM), structural engineering modelling, and systematic knowledge about architecture and construction technology. The project will be developed using Trondheim and Trøndelag county as case studies, while the approach developed will be generic.



Master thesis in Circular City

Circular City also welcomes masters students to join the project for a masters thesis endeavour. The topics range from understanding the composition of the Trondheim building stock through GIS, developing better approaches to robust BIM models, working on the structural and architectural potential of existing buildings and elements, identifying and quantifying other patterns that govern peoples use of their buildings as well as the architectural reasons and consequences of building stock change. Contact Pasi Aalto to discuss your participation

Project Timeline and Funding

Circular City is funded by NTNU Sustainability.
The project was initiated in 2022 and will run in its current state until 2026, during whichtime the research infrastructure will be operationalised and made increasingly available to other research projects.

Want to be involved?

Circular City is always looking for good discussions with others. Do drop us a line if you have something you want to discuss.

Watch project presentation to the public

Beatrice, Georgios, Nils and Pasi present their research at Dokkhuset, 19th September 2023