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""Centres of Excellence
NTNU's four new Centres of Excellence address everything from understanding the brain to biological diversity.

Centres for Research-based Innovation
Pairing industry and research to get new ideas to the marketplace.

Gemini Centres -- NTNU and SINTEF
NTNU and SINTEF are working together to bring tomorrow's technology to society today.



Researching the ice

Ever wonder what it's like to do research in the Arctic? Take a look at this video of SAMCoT researchers working on ice studies in the Greenland Sea. Read more at

Building a Mars Rover

Watch how Industrial Design students build their own suggestion for a Mars Rover. And it works!


Key findings from IPCC

NTNU professors Edgar Hertwich and Daniel Beat Müller were among the lead authors of the WG III report "Mitigation of Climate Change".
This is how they summarize the most important findings of the report, released 13 April 2014. 

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