Defended theses

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Defended theses


A list of defended theses at the Faculty of Architekture and Design since 2010.

PhD thesis

Giedre Jarulaitiene (phd)
Modus operandi in Opus Operatum. The shaping of historical wooden towns by traditional workmanship

Albogasto John Pangamawe Ng'asi (phd)
A QUEST FOR CONTINUITY FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY: Post-war land and property claims and disputes in northern Uganda - The case of the Acholi group in Amuru sub-county

Sofie Østergaard (ph.d)
The role of consumer behaviour in reducing the waste of fresh bread: Sustainable packaging development in an industrial perspective

Faheem Ali (phd)
Exploring the role of company context for informing Design for Sustainability implementation

Wang Yi (ph.d.)
The impact of Tourism in the Historic Town of Fenghuang, China and the Changes in Buildings and Inter-Building Public Spaces

Raymond Michael Pritchard (phd)
The influence on urban transport infrastructure on bicycle route and mode choice

Martin Braathen (ph.d)
The magician and the shoemaker. 
Debates on Open Form and Marxist-Leninism in Norway around 1970

Mari Oline Giske Stendebakken (phd)
Kulturminner og analyse. Vurdering av vernede bygninger innenfor kulturminnevern, arkitektur og offentlig invsteringsanalyse

David Anthony Collins (phd)
Green Leasing: A study of the Barriers and Drivers for Green Leased Offices in Norway 

Savis Gohari (phd)
Governance in the planning and decision-making process: The co-location case of university campuses in Trondheim, Norway (2000-2013)  

Raphaëlle Steward (ph.d.)
"Integration of Sustainability Approaches in Companies: An Exploration of Narratives and Internal Organizational Functioning”

Øystein Mejlænder-Larsen (phd)
Use of project execution models and BIM in oil and gas projects: searching for relevant improvements for construction