CDIO Academy

CDIO Academy

Invitation to the CDIO Academy in Trondheim, Norway, 26–29 June, 2023

The CDIO Academy at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, invites you to participate in a student-led, team-based, case-based, cross-disciplinary innovation challenge with the theme “Student-active learning through wicked problems”. Together with students from around the world you are invited to participate in an innovation challenge focusing on specific engineering problems of importance for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

What is the CDIO Academy?

The CDIO Academy is an opportunity for engineering students that are active at CDIO institutions to work on design-implement projects, team up with their peers from engineering programmes around the world across disciplines and cultures and learn from prominent leaders in engineering education. For the CDIO Academy and Innovation Challenge, the focus is primarily on the engineering innovation aspects of the CDIO Concept: Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, and Operating systems in the enterprise, societal and environmental context — and the innovation process.

More about the CDIO Academy in 2023

This will be the first time since 2019 in Aarhus that the CDIO Academy will be arranged. The physical part of the CDIO Academy 2023 takes place during the 19th International CDIO Conference at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, from 26–29 June 2023, and there is a specific programme for the participants of the CDIO Academy. Before the conference, all participants are assigned to multi-disciplinary, multi-institution teams. Each participant does preparations from home, in collaboration with the rest of the team and an NTNU supervisor, via Zoom meetings. The online teamwork is planned to commence on 11 April, 2023. 

During the conference, the CDIO Academy challenge takes place in a shared physical area designed for the teams, with access to relevant workshops and labs. When arriving at NTNU for the Academy challenge area each team get their own workspace.

More information about details regarding the thematic scope will be posted in January 2023.

Application and registration

Dates 2023 Activity Place/Channel
8 March Application deadline for institutions wishing to send groups of students Online at the CDIO Academy website
15 March Acceptance deadline E-mail
1 April Registration deadline for details about participating student groups Online at the CDIO Academy website

Preparation online

Dates 2023 Activity Place/Channel
11–21 April Team kick-off, online brainstorming, getting to know the challenge and the case company  Online teamwork, with support 
24–28 April Thinking value creation & delivery. Concept development sprint   Online teamwork, with support 
22–26 May Collecting information, preparation for the challenge at NTNU  Online teamwork, with support 

ON SITE in Trondheim

Dates 2023 Activity Place/Channel
26–29 June Case challenge at CDIO Academy at NTNU Physically at NTNU


Applications are to be sent from education institutions, not by individual students. Institutions that wish to enter a group of students need to apply using an application form at the CDIO Academy website. The deadline for such applications is 8 March, 2023, with additional details about participating individual students to be provided by the institutions before 1 April.


Apply for the 2023 CDIO-Academy!

The challenge for the CDIO-Academy is titled “Designing ad Prototyping Autonomous Cargo Ships” with the subtitle “Addressing the Supply Chain Crisis Using New Technology”. Our industry partner is the Ocean Autonomy Cluster, Norway’s leading hub for expertise on ocean autonomy. You can read more about OAC on

OAC will offer us insight into the industry, their partner companies, as well as into technologies, challenges and opportunities they are working on. OAC will also host an on-site visit during the conference days in Trondheim.

While the main focus of OAC is on ocean-based solutions, their activities are relevant for all kinds of contexts since they work with systems to develop logistics on land, in the air, and at sea. This includes for instance control systems, mechanical interfaces, etc. Thus, the CDIO-Academy 2023 is highly relevant for all engineering disciplines and you will be part of an engaging learning experience in line with our goal of “Student-active learning through wicked problems”.

Further details about the project brief will be given after the groups have been put together around the end of March, 2023. The briefs will also deal with sustainability and other real world aspects, in line with the conference theme of Engineering for a smart, safe and sustainable future. The final works will be reviewed according to a set of criteria by a jury and feedback be given. The outcomes will be presented at the final day of the conference.

To apply for CDIO-Academy, a coordinating contact person from each participating education institution needs to be present at the CDIO Conference. The coordinator will provide a list of students, including names, email addresses, study program, and present year of studies.

Application forms are found here

Note: NTNU will not cover travel or accommodation costs, but NTNU will provide suggestions for more affordable options in Trondheim.

There will be a participation fee of 2000 NOK per student, which includes a welcoming reception and dinner on 26 June, lunch and refreshments in the period 27–29 June, and a working dinner on 28 June. The fee does not include accommodation, transportation, or meals outside programme hours. We are currently investigating accommodation alternatives and will provide more information on these later.


Participant selection criteria

The accepted number of students per institution is tentatively set to 2–4, depending on how many institutions are interested. If more than 40 students apply overall, the following criteria will be used in the selection of participants:

  • A well-balanced representation of regions and countries around the world
  • As many engineering disciplines as possible represented
  • An as even as possible overall gender balance
  • The applications’ quality of argumentation for participation


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