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Paper: 2
Salim Mohamed Salim
Challenge-based Learning: A Case Study in Computer Aided Engineering

Paper: 20
Linda Steuer-Dankert
Training Future Skills -  Sustainability, Interculturality & Innovation in a Digital Design Thinking Format

Paper: 36
Amin Majd, Juha Kalliovaara, Tero Jokela and Jarkko Paavola
Designing and Implementing Components for an Autonomous Research Vessel in RDI Course

Paper: 68
Ho Yenn Giin and Leong Yiat Yam
A CDIO Approach to Teach Sustainability in Architecture

Paper: 84
Tony Topping, Matt Murphy and Samuel Saunders
Evaluating the Use of ITP Metrics in Supporting Teamwork

Paper: 85
Tony Topping, Matt Murphy and Samuel Saunders
Enhanced Assessment and Learning through Adaptive Comparative Judgement

Paper: 110
Mari Ketola, Anne Norström and Piia Nurmi
Learning Environments Supporting the Development of Resilient and Innovative Problem Solvers

Paper: 113
Tomoharu Kaeriyama, Jun Sato and Satoru Yamada
Design and Evaluation of Basic Exercise Environment for Virtual Laboratory

Paper: 133
Hang T.N. Ha, Anh Duc Bui, Tan Tran and Van Thu Van
Perception of Students and Instructors on Virtual Learning: A Case of DTU

Paper: 141
Achyut Sapkota, Natsu Kitagawa, Hiromasa Ogawa and Kanae Tsuchiya
On the Realization of Restrictions-free Active Classrooms in the Post-Covid Era

Paper: 144
Qi Dong, Xiang Li, Mingbao Zhang, Dongyang Chu, Tingting Zhao and Dongyang Li
Microwave Intervention Simulation Teaching Reform Based on CDIO Engineering Education Model

Paper: 154
Mingbao Zhang, QingHui Wang, Xiang Li, Rui Zhang and Yirunhan Pan
Virtual Simulation Teaching Exploration of Endotracheal Intubation Led by CDIO Concept

Paper: 162
Krys Bangert, Edward Browncross, Matteo Di Benedetti, Harry Day and Andrew Garrard
Comparing XR and Digital Flipped Methods to Meet Learning Objectives

Paper: 166
Hsin-Yi Kung, Yuan-Hsiu Lin, Chun-Chieh Sun and Ching-Yi Lee
Embedding CDIO Framework in Educational Statistics Courses with Serious Games

Paper: 167
Ching-Yi Lee, Yuan-Hsiu Lin, Chun-Chieh Sun and Hsin-Yi Kung
An Interdisciplinary Mathematics Project on CDIO Framework for Vocational High School Students

Paper: 180
Shandris Tuyaerts, Tinne De Laet, Lynn Van den Broeck and Greet Langie
Engineering Technology Students' Self-Regulation: A Baseline

Paper: 202
Jorgen Forss, Niel Cooke, Sarah Chung and Jesper Andersson
Maximising Academic and Social Outcomes

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