Concept Symposium 2003

Concept Symposium 2003

– 23.-24. September 2003

The Concept Symposium 2003 aimed to facilitate an arena where researchers and representatives of owners of large, public investment projects could exchange experiences and focus on answers and solutions to improve quality-at-entry of major public projects. The basic idea was to bring together a rather select, but diverse group of specially invited persons to enable targeted discussions and working sessions. The Concept Research Program wanted to share insights into the law-enforced Norwegian government scheme for front-end management of such projects, and understand what measures are taken in other countries. Further, to initiate fruitful discussions that could be of use to researchers and practitioners in their future work as well as spark ideas for future research and improvement work in this important field. 

Description of the Concept Research Program 

Description of participants and their professional background



Can Lessons Learnt from the North Sea Oil Projects Contribute to Successful Governmental Construction Projects?

Asbjørn Rolstadås, Professor
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Department of Production and Quality Engineering


Managing Large Engineering Projects
Roger Miller, M.Eng., D.Sc. FCAE
Jarislowsky Chair in Innovation and Project Management
Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal 


Front-End Management of Projects

Knut Samset, Professor and Director of the Concept Research Program
Norwegian University of Science and Technology 


New Opera House

Roar Bjordal, Project Manager New Oslo Opera


Current measures to improve strategic decisions and manage uncertainty up-front
- project risk management to obtain project success

Halvard S. Kilde, Managing Director Metier 


Ensuring Quality-at-Entry: Challenges in Front-End Management of Projects

Nils Olsson, SINTEF Industrial Management, Norway
Kejll Austeng, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Knut Samset, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Ola Lædre, Norwegian University of Science and Technology