Doctoral work

Doctoral work

Doctoral candidates related to the programme

The Concept research programme contributes to the education of doctoral students. We have developed and organised several doctoral courses and seminars.

The following doctoral candidates are currently working on, or have completed, their PhD thesis in direct relation to the Concept research programme:

Gro Holst VoldenUp-Front Governance of Major Public Investment Projects (2019)

Paulos Abebe Wondimu. Early Contractor Involvment (ECI) Approaches for Public Project Owners (2019).

Hallgrim Hjelmbrekke. Aligning AEC Projects with Corporate Strategy: Project Governance as a Mean for Strategic Effect (2017).

Asmamaw Shiferaw. Front-End Project Governance: Choice of Project Concept and Decision-Making. An International Perspective (2013).

Morten Welde. Essays on Cost Estimation and their Uncertainties in Transportation Projects (2011).

Ole Morten Magnussen. Up-Front Assessment and Quality Assurance of Major Investment Projects (2010).

Ole Jonny Klakegg. Governance of Major Public Investment Projects: In Pursuit of Relevance and Sustainability (2010).

Ola Lædre. Considerations in the Front-End and their Influence on Choice of Contract in Building and Construction Projects (2006).

Nils Olsson. Project Flexibility in Large Engineering Projects (2006).

Hans Petter Krane. Uncertainty Management of Projects from the Owners’ Perspective, with Main Focus on Managing Delivered Functionality (2010).

Mads Veiseth Improvement of Punctuality in Railway Operations: Development of the Punctuality Process (2009)

Anandasivakumar (Siva) Ekambaram. The Role of Knowledge Transfer in Reducing Reinvention of the Wheel in Project Organisations (2008)

John Walewski. Risk Analysis for International Capital Projects (2004) 



The Concept research programme arranges meetings and courses for PhD candidates in collaboration with NTNU faculties. Experience has shown that such meetings can evolve to networks of PhD candidates who work with problems relevant to the study of the front-end phases of large projects. This contributes to professional development in the discipline and brings forth new problems. Moreover, the seminars comprise an arena for the mutual exchange of ideas and views among doctoral candidates.


At the moment the Concept research programme has two courses relevant for PhD students:

Doctoral seminars are arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Opinions of and questions about seminars and courses can be sent to Prof. Knut Samset, who is responsible for doctoral matters in the Concept project. Questions on specific doctoral work and courses and seminars should be sent to the relevant NTNU department.