Software and tools

Software and tools

(1) - GrandView

(1) - GrandView GrandView is a tool for structuring all types of information. User Manual (pdf). We welcome feedback on GrandView, either general remarks or reports on faults. Licence: The program is licensed under Apache 2.0.  Grandview Software - Example 



Last version of GrandView is available from here.


(2) - Gafa - Gamma Distribution Analyzer

Gafa is a program for drawing the distributions of gamma functions and for performing analyses in their use in uncertainty analyses. Gafa was developed in the Concept sub-project  Uncertainty Analysis (pdf).

(3) - Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a spreadsheet for managing project portfolios. It was developed by Dovre International along with the Managing Public Project Portfolios report. Methodical bases for using the spreadsheets are available here. This is a prototype that may be used free at one’s own risk. The spreadsheets are one of the results of the Concept Portfolio Management sub-project.

(4) Spreadsheet for analysis of systematic uncertainty

Vista Analyse has developed a simple macroeconomic model, which can be used to simulate the effects of productivity shocks on beta values and interest rates. This allows us to study the correlation between the return on the national wealth and the return on its sub components. See also Concept Report No. 32 for key results.