About the programme

About the programme

The Concept research programme develops ways to improve the choice of conceptual solutions, use of resources and enhance the effect of major public investments. Its academic ambition is to develop knowledge and expertise on front-end governance, from the initial idea until the decision to implement is made.

The focus is on major public investment projects under the Norwegian Quality Assurance (QA) scheme. It is a longitudinal study. Based on empirical data and theoretical studies, we develop new knowledge and knowhow on how to make sound decisions and govern major public projects.

The Concept programme is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. Its main target groups are the parties in the QA scheme, as well as researchers, students, and decision makers involved in investment processes and project governance.

Research outputs are published on this website and via other open channels. An international research conference on project governance is organized biannually See here for more information

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