The Norwegian scheme for quality assurance of major public investments (the QA scheme)


The QA scheme comprises two external reviews in an investment project’s planning process:

  • QA1 – Quality assurance of choice of concept before Cabinet decision to start a pre-project
  • QA2 – Quality assurance of the management base and cost estimates before the project is submitted to Parliament for approval and funding.



The Ministry of Finance has entered into a framework agreement with six consortia of external advisors to perform the QA. The agreement specifies the content and scope of the quality assurance. The current agreement (in force from September 2015) is primarily a continuation of the former agreement, from 2010, with only minor changes. The threshold for QA is still 750 million kroner. 

On these web pages we have collected some information about the QA scheme.

The Concept Programme follows the QA scheme closely. Our researchers collect data and perform research on the projects in the scheme, and we participate in QA Forums and other forms of interaction with the stakeholders in the scheme (ministries, agencies, consultants, and others). However, the Concept Programme is not part of the QA scheme itself.