Background and activities

Research areas

I am heading the research group "Electricity Markets and Energy Systems Planning" at the Department of Electric Power Systems at NTNU. My interests are especially focused towards integration of renewable energy in the energy system. My research activities includes:

  • Market design for power markets with variable renewable energy sources and storage
  • Optimization of energy storage and distributed flexible resources in connection with renewables (investment and operation)
    • Download my first Matlab-based simulation model here (still working!): Windhydtools
  • The use of hydro power as a balancing asset
  • Investment planning of grids, including a future North Sea Grid
  • Large scale integration of renewable energy sources in Europe


  • Professor at Dept. of Electric Power Engineering, NTNU (2014-)
  • Visiting Scholar at MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (2018-2019)
  • Scientific Advisor for SINTEF Energi (2014-)
  • Research Director at SINTEF Energi, Dept. of Energy Systems (2011-2014)
  • Research Manager at SINTEF Energi, the System Dynamics team (2009-2011)
  • Research scientist at SINTEF Energi (2006-2009)
  • Post.doc. at Inst. for elkraftteknikk, NTNU (2004-2006)
  • (PhD) from Dept. of Electric Power Engineering, NTNU (2004) with title: "Distributed energy systems with wind power and energy storage"
  • (MSc) from Theoretical Physics, NTNU (1998)

Research activities


Main Supervisor for:

  • Espen Flo Bødal: Production of Hydrogen from Hydro- and Wind Power in Transmission Constrained Areas. 
  • Hans Ole Riddervold: Automated short-term production planning for hydro- and wind power
  • Dimitri Pinel: Optimal investment in the energy system in Zero Emission Neighbourhoods
  • Stanislas Merlet: Hybridization of Hydropower Plants with Floating PV: Design and Optimization
  • Magnus Askeland: Policy Issues for distributed energy resources as part of larger energy systems
  • Øystein Rognes Solheim: Reinforcement learning in handling failures in the power system
  • Linn Emelie Schäffer: Modelling of environmental constraints in hydropower scheduling
  • Emil Dimanchev: Managing Energy Transitions: New Methids and Insights for Simultaneous Electricity Decarbonization and Transport Electrification

Previous PhD candidates (main supervisor):

  • Ingeborg Graabak (main supervisor): Balancing of wind and solar production in Northern Europe with Norwegian hydropower (Electric Power Eng, NTNU)
  • Martin Kristiansen: Optimization of onshore- and offshore power grid infrastructures
  • Salman Zaferanlouei: Integration of Electric Vehicles with Smart Grid
  • Martin Hjelmeland: Long-Term Scheduling of Hydro Power in Multiple Markets
  • Markus Löschenbrand: Utilization of hydro power in short-term electricity markets

Co-supervisor for:

  • Kasper Thorvaldsen: Techno-economic models of energy flexible buildings in the future smart grid (IEL NTNU)
  • Per Aaslid: Optimal coordination of distributed energy resources (IEL NTNU)
  • Matthias Hofmann: Demand-side flexibility as an alternative to investments in the transmission grid (IEL, NTNU)
  • Sigurd Bjarghov: Consumer-centric electricity market design integrating peer-to-peer and flexibility markets (IEL, NTNU)
  • Stian Backe: Transition Pathways Towards Zero Emission Neighbourhoods (Industrial Economy, NTNU)
  • Outi Pitkänen: Integrating end-user knowledge in demand-response technology and service design (KULT, NTNU)
  • Erick Fernando Alves: Power quality and system stability in islanded hybrid energy systems with energy storage
  • Andreas Kleiven: Optimal operation and valuation of hydropower plants (Industrial Economy, NTNU)
  • Philipp Härtel: Implications of alternative flexibility sources for the cost-benefit allocation in offshore grids (Univ. of Kassel and Fraunhofer IWES)

Previous Phd candidates (co-supervisor):

  • Antonio Zecchino: Electric vehicles in the Nordic countries: Control strategies for coordinated grid services (DTU/NTNU collaboration)
  • Martin Håberg: Exchange of Standard Products for Balancing in the European Power Market (Electric Power Eng., NTNU and Statnett)
  • Stig Ødegaard Ottesen (co-superviosr): Techno-Economic Models in Smart Grids (Industrial Economy, NTNU)
  • Rubén Montañés (co-supervisor): Dynamic process simulation of decarbonized power generation (Energy and Process Eng., NTNU)
  • Christopher Johan Greiner (co-supervisor): Sizing and Operation of Wind-Hydrogen Energy Systems (Electric Power Eng., NTNU)

Education (current)

  • Main supervisor for 10 project/master students 2019/2020
  • Responsible for Experts in Team Village on Sustainable Energy Systems (2020-)
  • Responsible for the the PhD course "Power Market Theory" (2014-)
  • Responsible for the PhD course "Power Production Planning (2020-)
  • Lecturer in the 1-year course "Energy and the Environment" (2014-)
  • Lecturer in the EVU course ET6205 The future distribution grid" (2020-)

Education (previous)

  • Main supervisor for 10 project/master students 2017-2018 
  • Main supervisor for 8 project/master students 2016-2017
  • Main supervisor for 14 project/master students 2015-2016
  • Main supervisor for 10 project/master students 2014-2015
  • Responsible for the 3-year course "Energy Planning and Operation" (2014-2018)
  • Lecturer in the 4-year course "Energy Management in Bulidings" 2014-2017
  • Responsible for the EVU-course "Production planning in hydro-based power systems" (2014)

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