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Sustainable Energy Systems


Current Norwegian research projects from the Research Council of Norway (NFR) and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation:

  • BattMarine project (2018-2022) | Odne Stokke Burheim
  • Brukeradferd for bedre løsninger i energitjenestemarkedet for boliger (2018-2019) | Natasa Nord
  • Condilight project (2018-2019) | Guangyu Cao
  • Energibolig project (2016-2019) | Hans Martin Mathisen
  • ExPOSe - Transparent Energy Planning (ENERGIX) (2017-2021) | Natasa Nord
  • INTERACT - Efficient interaction between energy demand, surphus heat/cool and thermal storage in building complexes | Natasa Nord
  • Norsk representasjon og deltakelse i IEA EBC annex 62 Ventilative Cooling (2015-2019) | Hans Martin Mathisen
  • Norsk representasjon og deltakelse i Multifunksjons-varmepumper i NZEB - Annex 49 under IEA (2018-2019) | Laurent Georges
  • Opptre - Energy upgrading of wooden dwellings to nearly zero energy level (2018-2021) | Laurent Georges
  • REN-BTL project (2017-2031) | Odne Stokke Burheim
  • UnDID - Understanding behavior of District heating systems Integrating Distributed sources (FRINATEK - Unge forskertalenter) (2017-2021) | Natasa Nord
  • Varmtvann 2030 project (2017-2021) | Natasa Nord
  • Wood CFD - Clean and efficient wood stoves through improved batch combustion models and CFD modelling approaches (ENERGIX) (2015-2018) | Laurent Georges
  • Skoler på vent project (2018-2021) | Guangyu Cao
  • ZEB - Lab A1, Ventilasjon, Energiforsyning, Styringssystem, Målesystem (2015-2025) | Hans Martin Mathisen

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Professor Odne S. Burheim
Head of research group


Natasa Nord

Associate Professor Natasa Nord
Deputy Head of research group

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