Faculty of Humanities


The Faculty of Humanities offers a broad and attractive range of subjects, which include discipline-based and inter-disciplinary research and programmes of study. Our academic provision also includes international master's programmes.


The Faculty of Humanities offers programmes of study at bachelor's and master's level.

International master's programmes

Study programmes (taught in Norwegian)

  • Integrated interdisciplinary programmes of study at bachelor's level
  • Specialisations at Bachelor's level
  • 1-year programmes (Bachelor's level)
  • Master's programmes (2 years)
  • Language Studies with Teacher Education (Master's degree (5 years) with specializations in Norwegian. English, French or German
  • History Studies with Teacher Education (Master's degree (5 years)

See also: Courses taught in English

The Faculty of Humanities has a considerable breadth within research and teaching, which comprises language and literature, History and Philosophy, Musicology and Dance Studies. Research is the foundation for our programmes of study, and is specially reflected in advanced courses.

Some programmes of study are interdisciplinary, such as Cultural Heritage and Music Technology, and consist of courses from several disciplines. Others also have a professional or applied orientation, which differentiates them from the more traditional subject-based programmes of study.

Furthermore, the Faculty enjoys a broad activity within the practical aesthetic field, especially within the Department of Music and the Department of Art and Media Studies. Through the Performing Music Studies, Music Technology, Drama and Theatre and the Media Production Studies, our students and lecturers are actively participating in the vibrant culture life in Trondheim.

Several courses and some programmes of study within language and literature, as well as the master's programmes in European Studies, English Linguistics and Language Acquistion, International master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage, Arts in Dance Studies and Music, Communication and Technology are taught in English. Furthermore, both Norwegian and international students populate the courses and programmes of study, which contributes to create an international study environment.

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News from the Faculty of Humanities

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