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Do you have challenges that demand leading-edge expertise? Do you want to buy laboratory services?  NTNU has 120 laboratories and more than 4000 employees who are experts in science and technology, the humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, educational science, architecture, entrepreneurship, art disciplines and artistic activities.

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NTNU has experts who can answer questions within a wide variety of research areas.

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NTNU manages more than 120 large and small laboratories, independently or in cooperation with SINTEF. Businesses and others can buy laboratory services. You are welcome to contact the individual laboratory.

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Most collaboration with NTNU is anchored in the specialist communities at the various departments and faculties. These communities of experts have a wealth of knowledge about making the most of partnerships to provide professional benefits for all parties.

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Meeting places

NTNU organizes many conferences and seminars every year. These arenas provide valuable opportunities for getting to know communities of experts and learning about research activities. NTNU events help to create closer links between academia and business. They often serve as a springboard for exciting new partnerships.


Works to create good relationships between academia and business. In addition to the annual Technoport conference, the association organizes a variety of smaller events and meeting places for students, researchers and start-ups as well as established business and industry. Technoport is a partnership between NTNU, business and public-sector.

NTNU Alumni

A network for former NTNU students, current students and staff that provides a meeting place for sharing knowledge and experience between NTNU, the community and the working world.

Ocean Week

Annual conference for industry, researchers and students in the marine and maritime sector. The conference explores the latest advances in research and technology, and the opportunities that they create for the future.

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Pro-Rector for Innovation

Pro-Rector for Innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes leads NTNU’s efforts to promote innovation, and is responsible for maintaining strategic collaborative relationships with businesses and industry on a regional national and international level. 

Vice-Rector in Gjøvik 

Vice-Rector in Gjøvik Gro Kvanli Dæhlin represent and position NTNU as an institution for regional working life.

Vice-Rector in Ålesund

Vice-Rector in Ålesund Annik Magerholm Fet represent and position NTNU as an institution for regional working life.

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NTNU’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

NTNU is partner in several cluster collaborations

In addition to the business networks («næringslivsringer»), a great deal of the collaboration takes place between the academic environments and individual players, as well as through the research centres in which NTNU is involved