Department of Mental Health

About the Department of Mental Health

The department conduct research and education to increase our understanding of mental health, mental disorders, developmental disturbances, substance abuse, general rehabilitation/habilitation and child welfare.

We have the knowledge and expertise on health promotion and treatment in a broad sense of the mental health field. The Department of Mental Health (IPH) is dealing with basic research, applied research, epidemiology and clinical research in our fields of expertise.

We are teaching Bachelor students in social education studies, master's and postgraduate students in mental health work and we educate medical and doctoral students (PhD). We also offer training without credits for employees in the services.

The close collaboration between St. Olav's Hospital, municipal health services, central and local child welfare services and the departments research groups creates appropriate conditions for clinical research. The department has a national competence centre (NAKU) and a regional centre (RKBU) with dedicated funding and tasks like support and quality enhancement of the public services.

More on the centres, The National Institute on Intellectual Disability and Community (NAKU) and Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare, Central Norway.

Department of Mental Health is a new department at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Startup was January 1, 2017. Department of Mental Health (IPH) is organized at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH) and the department has approximately 145 employees.