YROCK members 2022

Members of YROCK 2022
Members of YROCK 2022, from left to right top row: Pearl Saldanha, Jerneja Rudolf, Hanna Eneqvist, Luis Fernando Cobar Zelaya, Joachim Schweder Grimstvedt. Bottom row: Jo Carpenter (co-president), Anna Maria Ostenrath (co-president), Keagan Dunville, Ingvild Lynneberg Glærum. Not pictured:  Katrine Sjaastad Hanssen, Nicolai Waniek, Giovanni di Sarra, Christine Marie Lykken, Maike Krause.



Young Researchers of CAC/Kavli

Who are we

YROCK, Young Researchers of the CAC/Kavli created in 2015, is a committee of students and researchers inspired and supported by the directors of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience (KISN) and the Centre for Algorithms of the Cortex (CAC). Our overarching mission is to help building a strong and dynamic student and researcher community at KISN/CAC, and to foster both intellectual and social relations among its research groups.

What do we do

To fulfill our mission, we organize regular scientific events where we host world-leading researchers in the field of neuroscience in the hope that their scientific work and career advice inspires students and postdocs at the KISN/CAC. We invite our guests to share their work and to closely interact, in an informal setting, with the student and researcher community at KISN/CAC, and to participate in career development discussions, aimed at providing helpful advice to students and researchers at different stages of theirs careers.

In parallel, we sponsor events focused on career diversification in science, in which we invite guests with a scientific background to share personal experiences within a broad spectrum of academic and non-academic careers.

YROCK also aims to promote collaborations among NTNU neuroscience labs. Hence, we have created, in collaboration with the Dept. of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, a series of joint symposia (NeuroSYS) where senior Ph.D. students and researchers can share their discoveries.

Finally, and because some of the best ideas and collaborations can come while you socialize with your peers, we organize social events that aim at bringing together the entire student and researcher community at KISN/CAC.

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