The Center for Gender Studies (SKF)

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture

The Center for Gender Studies (SKF)

The Center for Gender Research conducts interdisciplinary and socially relevant research, teaching and dissemination on gender, equality and diversity. The staff has backgrounds from various social sciences and humanities.

The Center for Gender Research has a great deal of research activity and is part of national and international research and networking. Key research areas at the center are: Biopolitics and reproduction, Ethnicity, gender and equality, Gender, technology and science, Sexuality, gender and culture, and Race, Indigeneity and Gender Research Group (RIG). You can read more about the research activity within each topic by clicking on the site pages. Below you will find a direct link to a selection of ongoing projects.
News about activities at the Center for Gender Research can be found on the NTNU's blog

Gender Hub

The Center for Gender Research runs the NTNU GenderHub network. The purpose of the network is to disseminate activity and to create meeting places for researchers with common interests. All employees at NTNU with an interest in research on gender, equality and diversity and RRI (responsible research and innovation) are welcome to join.

27 Mar 2020 Sonia Ahmadi