Citizens, Environment and Safety (CES)

Department of Psychology

Citizens, Environment and Safety (CES)

People walking in the streets. Photo.

The research group Citizens, environment and safety is interested in the relation between citizens and consumers and the environment, as well as human factors influencing safety-related behaviour.

We study research questions such as:

  • What are drivers and barriers regarding the environmental behaviour of citizens?
  • How can organizational psychology and human factors be used to improve safety, performance, and well-being?
  • What explains traffic behaviour and how can negative impacts on people and the environment be reduced?
  • Which human factors influence the effectiveness and sustainability of environmental and safety policies?

The group leads and participates in a larger number of national and international research projects in the areas of energy behaviour, climate communication, virtual reality as a means to enhance safety culture and risk control, environmental investments, environmental and climate policy support, citizen engagement, and empowerment.


Members of research group