LAUV Roald

LAUV Roald

The unique functionality of LAUV Roald is the capabilty to capture pictures of microscopic objects floating in the water. Thus it is particularry interesting for biologist where it can combine traditional measurments of the water column with images. In addition it contains a lot of computational power for doing online processing of images and sensor data to enable adaptive sampling.



Vehicle length: 226cm

Weight in air: 35 kg

Max operational depth 100m

Speed, 0.5 to 2 m/s

Battery: 250Wh (6x) Li-ion

Typical endurance 9h @3kn, full payload

Main CPU: AMD Geode LX 800 CPU

User Computers: Jetson TX1, Jetson TX2

Data storage: 3TB



WLAN up to 1 km with the Manta modem

GSM within 3G coverage

Evologics S2CR 18/34 USBL underwater acoustic modem for a link up to 1km, depending on water conditions. 

Iridium SBD module

Emergency acoustic pinger and directional hydrophone with up to 2km range

External GigaBit Ethernet connector for transfering data.



AHRS: Microstrain 3DM-GX4-25

DVl: Nortek DVL 1000, with ADCP capabilities.
     ADCP range: 30 meterBottom track range: 75 meter.


Dissolved Oxygen: Aanderaa Optode 4831F

Chlorophyl: Tuner Cyclops7

Turbidity: Tuner Cyclops7




An onboard silhouette camera (SilCam), designed by SINTEF, is integrated into the hull of the AUV. As water flows through a backlighted capture volume, the SilCam captures images, while keeping objects in the entire volume in focus. The SilCam can capture objects with size between 100 $\micro$ m and 12 mm. Further onborad processing and classification of captured objects based on the PySilCam software can be performed.