karusell minerva

ROV Minerva

ROV Minerva

Minerva is an electrical work class ROV designed by Sperre AS for NTNU AUR-Lab to allow our scientists to have access to the seafloor for sampling and observations in marine science, but also to allow experiments in engineering research, like control systems and autonomy. The structure is flexible for modifications and adaptations of software, hardware and mechanical systems to facilitate testing and verification of systems.  

The ROV will operate in free flying mode tethered directly to the vessel through a 900-meter-long soft umbilical. For offshore operations, the system can be adapted to TMS system of opportunity. A dedicated control container 15-foot-long contains all systems required for the pilots during operation. The power systems are enclosed in a 5 foot container.

Minerva is equipped with a forward look sonar, stereo camera, video system (HD and 4k) and a seven-function manipulator. The manipulator can be used for sampling and intervention tasks. The telemetry capacity is large allowing connections for survey and sampling sensors for survey operations. NTNU has developed a dedicated control system allowing the vehicle to do station keep and path following easing the load of the operator and increasing the accuracy of the maneuvering during data collection.


Weight in air

2400 kgs

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1680 x 1600 x 2875 mm

Depth rating

3000 m


250 kg

Hydraulic power unit

8 kW


7 x 15 kW DC thrusters


7 F Orion Extended


4 x HD + 1 x 4k


HiPAP 502

Power requirement

63-180 A – 400-440 VAC